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Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Agency: FCB Fältman & Malmén 
Art Director: Ellen Ström
Speaker: Karolina Lundqvist
Compositing, VFX, Sound: Andreas Szegö
3D - Modelling, lightning, animation: Andreas Johansson
Släpp in den rätte (let the right one in) is a short VR experience. It was made for and displayed at HPE's booth during a tech-convention. I was asked to create a VR environment where you were to see potential threats in a server room and try to count them.

There were a lot of challenges as time was short and we were new to VR. Figuring out good render settings, to not get too long render times was probably the biggest challenge. I rendered out 10 different sequences which then were masked and put together in After Effects. Most of the sequences were for the characters, which were made with animations from Mixamo and X-Particles,  but also for lightning and server lamps. 
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